Saturday, February 5, 2011

decopodged pantry shelves!

SO I decided to try to spruce up my pantry with some AWESOME wrapping paper I got on the after Christmas sale from Target for $1.25 a roll!
I tried to decide the best way to apply the paper in a way that would also make it I decided on Mod Podge!
I applied a thin layer to attach the paper first....then put a thick layer on top to make it durable!
Here is a close up....And here is the finished product!
I am in LOVE!!

And the great news is that I didn't even use the whole Now I think I might have to do the cabinets too!!!

Tell me what you think!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Passions!

So I have developed 2 news passions! Decluttering and organizing! And WOW do they make me feel GOOD! Like a DRUG!! It's AMAZING how much STUFF we have accumulated over the past 10 years in this house!

SO I am cleaning out under cabinets, closets, name it!
I am also adding some neat touches to the organization! I found these super cute tags at Michael's this weekend to label my baskets in hopes of KEEPING things organized!
Check out my new
and improved medicine cabinet!

Aren't those the cutest little tags?? And the best part is that they were only $1 for 12! (Oh and I got the plastic bins for $1 for 2.....or 3 depending the size from Big Lots) SO organizing doesn't have to cost you a fortune!!

Another project I have been working on is our dining room. We NEVER ate in our dining room since we have an eat in it has kinda been the catch all room! Don't know where to put it????? Oh, just put it in the dining room! It was a MESS!
SO over the Christmas break we cleaned it out...threw away LOTS of junk!
And I have now turned it into my craft room!

It is AWESOME!!!! I really think Emilee is loving it as much, if not MORE than me!!!(pictures to come later)

I bought some used book shelves for $10 a piece and some plastic storage bins from Home Depot along with some baskets I have collected over the years...and VOILA! STORAGE....ORGANIZED STORAGE!!!

Again notice the cute tags!!

I am LOVING it!!!

I hope to continue on with my decluttering and organizing! I have a LOT more to do!
But I just do a little more each week!

Oh and I didn't tell you the BEST part of all this...I am actually making MONEY from all this!!!
I have been selling the "good stuff" I find on our school's flea far I have made about $250 on stuff I didn't want any more and was junking up my house!!!!

Hope I have inspired you to spend a few minutes each week and clean out an area in your house and get organized!!! I tell you it is life changing!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Projects for Christmas

So I have been doing some crafting! And having tons of fun!
I made all the kids teacher gifts this year, and I was VERY proud of how they turned out!
Thanks to ideas I got from fellow bloggers!

Here is my 1st project....a wreath!

so you take a plain evergreen price was at Wal-Mart ($2.00)

add some ribbon (just tie a knot around the whole wreath)

add LOTS of balls

You take off the cap that you usually hang the hook from and cram the ball onto the wire branches


Or this one...

This project cost between $7-$10...and super easy!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Better late than never!! I kinda fell off the blog planet!! Sorry! Life with 3 kids is pretty crazy! But I decided to try this again!
SO lets start with an update! I will go 1 person at a time!

Emilee is now an 8th grader! Can you believe that?? And she is looking forward to drill team tryouts in the Spring! She is on the A/B honor roll so far this year! And I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming!
She is still taking dance and is very artsy craftsy!

Caleb is in 4th grade and doing great in school as well! He is taking piano again this year, and he enjoys that! He gave us a couple of scares this year having some choking we go for a swallow study next week just to make sure he isn't having narrowing of his esophagus. Other than that he is doing really well! His strength is really holding steady...Praise the Lord!

Aubree started kindergarten this year.....pray for Crandall isd!!! She LOVES school....but is having lots of trouble getting those elusive green smiley faces!! She is a talker...wonder where she gets that from??? Aubree is also still taking dance! She loves to sing and dance!! Maybe I am raising the next Shakira!!

Me.....well I am proud to say that I have lost 30 pounds since January 1st! We bought a treadmill and I have walked/ran over 500 miles this year! I am still working part time and LOVING it! I am not sure how I did everyhting around here working full time!

Tom is about to celebrate his 12th year at his job! Still driving to Ft Worth everyday! But he loves his I can't complain! He makes me laugh daily. And I am so blessed to be married to my best friend!

SO I guess now you are all caught up in our crazy life!

I have a new passion....thrifty decorating! There are sooo many great ideas out there!

Soo...soon I am gonna share this super cute wreath idea! It is cute, easy, and inexpensive to make!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Eggscelent Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior! I hope your family did as well!

Not much going on around here except counting down our days until Disney...we are currently down to 25 more days! We are loving this beautiful Spring weather. And the warm sunshine!
My kids LOVE to play outside!

We did finally get a diagnosis for Caleb! After waiting 8 1/2 years for a diagnosis we were more than ready! He has Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. Most children end up in wheelchairs by age 15. Which is depressing to hear. But we are so thankful for these years of full mobility we have been given and continue to ask God to cure Caleb! We know He can either heal Caleb or use this for His good! And Caleb has the best attitude about all of this! Praise God!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wishes do come true!

Well we got a call on Feb 6th saying that Caleb was chosen to have a wish granted from the Make A Wish foundation! I couldn't believe it! This is such an answer to prayers! We have been wanting to go to Disney World for a long time! And now we get to go!

So Caleb's wish granter came to visit and asked Caleb all about his wish! He told her he wants to meet Goofy and ride the Tower of Terror!

So May 9-15th we will be in Orlando!!!! This will be the 1st time the kids have flown on a plane! They are so excited!
We are counting down the days!!
I made them countdown calendars...we had 75 days to start we are down to 51!!!
I am not sure who is the most excited!! (I think it is me...but don't tell anyone!!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting ready to walk!

Well I have been a very bad blogger! Sorry!
Caleb was chosen as a team leader for the MDA Stride and Ride on January 31st.
So we have been raising money for the MDA. Our friends and family have been very generous! And then the schools had a $1 to be out of dress code day and raised over $1100.
We are making signs to show support for Caleb! The youth group is going as well as many friends and family members! It is so awesome to see the love and support of our friends!
Not sure how we would survive without them!

Emilee is growing into a beautiful young lady before our very eyes! She has her 1st school dance in February!

Caleb is doing well! If we could just get him to quit talking in class! He is excited about the walk next Saturday!

Aubree started taking dance class in January. She loves it! She will be the star of the show at the recital! We got our cast off this month! Thanks goodness! That thing was a real pain!

Tom was ordained as a deacon on the 4th...and Caleb was baptized! I was a proud momma and wife!

I will try and update more frequently!